Renault Twizy Electrifies Covent Garden!

In order to create an involving and electrifying UK launch event for the tiny new Renault Twizy, we decided to think big.  A car like the Twizy does all its own promotion when it’s out on the streets, so central London was a no-brainer for maximum exposure.  We then faced a number of venue choices, all thoroughly researched and reserved, including Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Canary Wharf and Trafalgar Square.  Covent Garden proved the judges’ favourite, mainly because of the consistently high footfall and inimitable atmosphere.

Next on the to-do list was entertainment.  We knew early on that a celebrity booking was on the cards; Renault themselves had asked us to look into it.  So after an inordinate number of emails and phone calls, we had secured the services of DJ legend Norman Jay MBE on the decks, and Britain’s Got Talent stars Twist & Pulse.  The ‘Streetomedy’ duo’s prior engagements made for an interesting logistical challenge – they had been touring the UK with the Olympic torch and were performing in Cambridge 2 hours before we would need them in Covent Garden!  A few more emails and calls later, and a fully-loaded chauffeured car was ready and waiting to whisk them down the M11 and land them pretty much on the ‘L’ of London.

We had 2 great live days (Friday and Saturday) before the Saturday evening performance.  Crowds drew, jaws dropped and Twizys zipped about the capital like electric bumblebees.  Allow me to digress for a second, because at Fusion we’ve been lucky enough to drive some of the world’s most exciting and rarest cars, but I can’t remember any that draw the same attention as a Renault Twizy.  If you’re vivacious of character, everyone will smile and drown you in compliments, and you’ll love it.  If you’re shy and retiring, the same will happen and you’ll still love it, because it is quite brilliant.

With Norman Jay and Twist & Pulse arriving imminently, the British weather did what it does best and emptied some clouds on us.  Not a problem for Mr Jay, whose CD-J1000s were nicely undercover.  But our amazing interactive dancefloor (painstakingly built by the Sustainable Dancefloor Club) has a glass surface, and as such was a judgement call from the T&P lads when they arrived.  Fortunately, our Senior EM Mike Richardson got on his hands and knees to wipe the water off moments before their arrival, and it did the trick.

The night then rolled out as planned, with Twist & Pulse performing twice with an electric (last time, promise) street dance routine, all our VIP guests supping champagne and bespoke Renault ZE-themed cocktails inside the geodesic dome, the great Norman Jay filling Covent Garden with music and all-comers ignoring the rain in the name of an al-fresco boogie.

There’s something really special about live events like these.  Even in a job as exciting as ours, nothing gets your adrenaline flowing like the pressure of military-timed orchestration.  Outdoors.  In the rain.

We’d like this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Robert Lawrence Creative Solutions for the AV equipment and expertise, and all our other partners for a great event.

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